About Midas Financial Group

Midas Financial Group is a member of a Netherlands-based marketing group that has been providing international wealth opportunities to select international participants for over 20 years.

For complete details on the "workings" of the trust, please refer to our official terms and conditions.

  • MIDAS FINANCIAL GROUP TRUST "UNIT""UNIT" means a right of interest for a nominated beneficiary in the scheme to share proportionately with other unit holders (trust beneficiaries) in the disbursal of any accumulated trust monies at a specified closure date.

  • BENEFICIARY A Trust beneficiary is a person selected (nominated) by MIDAS FINANCIAL GROUP, for whom, by the terms and conditions of the trust, a unit share of trust assets may be awarded.

  • BENEFICIARY NOMINATION a) The Trustee and/or selections committee may nominate a person to become a unit holder/beneficiary.

    b) Beneficiary nomination procedures are conducted as follows: *An international search is conducted for eligible beneficiaries. *A process of elimination decides the final nominations. *Beneficiary nomination documents are issued.

    c) The nominated beneficiary must indicate their acceptance of the nomination by registering.

  • TRUST FUNDS ACQUISITION & DISBURSAL a) The targeted sum of accumulative trust monies for disbursal in accordance with official Trust terms and conditions is US$15,000,000.00.

    b) Registered beneficiaries will be advised of the amount of any "unit" apportionment after the specified closure date and monies will be disbursed in the manner instructed.